Friday, November 27, 2009

DC ISES Expo iDEA 2009

I had the pleasure of volunteering for the Washington DC ISES annual expo this week at the North Bethesda Marriott. The expo's theme was the celebration of International iDEA. Four Multiple Vendor Design Centers and over 100 vendors showcased their unique international ideas. Two educational workshops titled The Anatomy of an Award-winning Event and West Coast to East Coast Trends kicked off the event.

Our day started with the set-up of the main ballroom beginning with marking vendor booth locations and lighting set-up. Outlining the foundation of the event is the most important part of the design. What a beautiful room!

The vendors of the Café Paris, Design Center #1 are pictured here putting together the final touches to their center space. Expo attendees were able to drink champagne, relax and taste awesome French inspired delicacies.

Another Awesome Design Center was titled "The Road to Cairo". The designer and vendors of this booth really did an excellent job with the layout and decor selections.

What can I say! Party Rentals LTD just took my breath way. I always wanted to use mirror as a table topper and I have to say I was impress with their design. It stole the show for me.

This year's expo was awesome and I can't wait to attend next year's event. I also have to thanks my friend Yang Jiang a gifted photographer who also volunteered for the expo and took these fabulous pictures on my post.

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