Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wine Tasting

Wine Tastings are fun educational ways to learn about wines. I encourage my client’s to attend a wine tasting with a Sommelier. I usually coordinate the food and the wine tasting together, so that my client can evaluate their choices more efficiently. I feel it’s important to know exactly what your guests will be eating or drinking during your reception. If it doesn’t appeal to you then why serve it? A good Sommelier will be able to create a wine list that will compliment your food choices, your taste and your budget.

For wine aficionados I suggest hosting a wine tasting party. It’s an excellent way to share your love of wine with family and friends.

For your wedding or social affair how about incorporating a wine tasting it is a unique way to entertain your guests. If you would like to plan a wine tasting, call Easterling Events at 443-927-7143 or email us at

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