Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home Weddings

I had a consultation today with a mom who is planning her daughter’s 2011 wedding at their family home. The idea of hosting a wedding from a family home is not new. Whether it is for financial or sentimental reasons it’s still important to understand the challenges of hosting your home wedding. Here are some of the challenges we discussed and that you should considered when planning a home wedding.

Location – honestly ask yourself do you have enough space to host your wedding at home. Consider the layout of the space for either an indoor/outdoor wedding and then asks yourself the following questions:

• Is the space spacious enough to handle a ceremony and reception?
• Are the grounds for the outdoor areas level enough for any tenting, tables or dancing areas?

• What about the inside of the home- what changes would be required to make it suitable for entertaining?

• Will you need to invest in additional landscaping? This will definitely affect a tight budget.

• Are there any rules and regulations through your Homeowners Association that my restrict some of your d├ęcor plans?

• What does the fire department say about the number of people that can safely attend your wedding? This not only includes your guests but the vendors hired to services the affair.

• How will you handle parking? Are your required to obtain permits?

• What will be your contingency plan if something goes wrong?

• What will your homeowner’s insurance cover in cases of property damage of any kind or stolen valuables?What if guests get hurt? What are your risks?

• Is the kitchen space equipped to handle your catering needs?

Cost- you still need to be realistic about your budget when planning a home wedding. You may find that the cost of hosting a wedding at home is far more expensive than you may have anticipated. Since you will have to rent most of your amenities it’s important to define you must haves from your wants. Here are some items that should be on your list:

Catering – Talk with your caterer to determine that best style for your wedding. Should it be seated, buffet or cocktail?

Music – Consider band or DJ and make sure you know what the noise ordinance is for your residential area.

Table and Chairs - are very necessary but what will add to the cost is the style or design of the table and chairs.

Tents – if you are having an outdoor wedding it’s important to rent a tent most standard tents are affordable, but there are various styles that may cause you to go over your budget.

Bathrooms – depending on how large your home is bathrooms may not be an issue however most people do not want too much traffic in the private areas of their homes and will consider renting bathrooms. Today’s bathroom rentals can be very elaborate and can add to the cost of the budget.

Additional Challenges

• Do you have sufficient electrical outlets and can your house handle the equipment used by the different vendors?

• Are you serving alcohol and do you need a permit?

• What is your design scheme? Will you need to rent lighting, plants etc...

• Who will oversee the day to make sure everything run smoothly?

These are just a few things to consider when planning your home wedding.  Consult with a planning professional for any additional assistance you may need.  Happy Planning !

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